Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Who's Who in Wombania

Chris Land Picture

His life was boringly normal until he got Wombied.

Dr. Franco Picture

Mad scientist and creator of the Wombies.

Binky the Wombie Picture

Binky's the brainy one, a rocket scientist, inventor, and philosopher.

Winky the Wombie Picture

Winky's a little wonky, but he's got a big heart.

Twink the Wombie Picture

A passionate artist and gourmet cook.

Fraz the Wombie Picture

A high-energy hyper-Wombie.

Super Stupid Picture

The secret superhero incarnation of one of the Wombies.

Zoe the Cat Picture

The elusive cat who would be queen.

The Rest of the Wombies

Meet the rest of the Wombanians.

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