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December 25, 2015

Wombat Pictures

Approximately 100 new wombat pictures have been added to the Bare Nosed wombat and Hairy Nosed wombat picture galleries. The photos are courtesy of Bob Cleaver from the Wombat Rise Sanctuary.

October 11, 2015

Wombat Day Fan Art

A new Wombat Day Art page has been added to showcase all the Wombat Day drawings and paintings that fans have created.

September 9, 2015

Wombat Cake Page

A wombat cake page has been added that shows the wombat cakes that people from around the world have made.

August 25, 2015

Famous Wombats of the World

A new page has been added to the Wombat Information Center about the world's most famous wombats. Wombats included on the page are Patrick, the world's oldest living wombat, as well as Chewbacca and Carver, who each once held that title.

June 10, 2015

Wombat Videos

A selection of ten wombat videos was added to the website. You can see them on the new wombat video page.

January 6, 2013

London to Mongolia Adventurist Rally

Team WombatsKhan will be participating in the London to Mongolia Adventurist Rally this July. It's a 10,000 mile rally where Neil and Jo, a husband and wife team with no support, will be raising money for a Children's hospital in Australia and other charities in Mongolia and the UK. For more information, and to follow their adventure, you can visit their Ulaanbaatar or Bust blog.

October 19, 2012


The annual Wombat Calendar is once again available from the Native Animal Rescue Group website. Order one soon if you don't want to be disappointed as they always sell out fast. The calendars are only $10 plus postage which varies depending on where you live. Money raised from the sale of calendars is used to help with the costs of raising rescued wombats and other native animals. Get your 2013 Wombat Calendar before it's too late!

OCTOBER 16, 2012


Fraz had his first Presidential interview with Scholar Mel at the Dummies of the Year blog. Clearly, Fraz is the best Wombie for the job, so make sure you vote for Fraz on election day.

April 26, 2012


The Fraz for President campaign was launched with two new posters for Fraz's run for the presidency. Vote for Fraz! He'll make less of a mess of things than anyone else!

October 19, 2011


Just in time for Wombat Day 2011, we've posted instructions on how to make Wombat Fudge. Is there anything better than fudge? Wombat Fudge, of course!

October 1, 2011


The 2012 Wombat Calendar is available from the Native Animal Rescue Group website. If you want one, order it early as they always sell out! The calendars are $10 plus postage. Details are available on their website. The money helps with the care and rescue of wombats and other native animals, so it's money well spent. Order yours today!

June 6, 2011


The third issue of the Wombat Rue comic book by Brady Comics has been released. In this issue, Wombat Rue and his friends search for the possible treasure left behind by Quinn. More details can be found at www.wombat-rue.com, or www.facebook.com/wombat.rue,

May 25, 2011


Our good friend RLB Hartmann has just had her latest book, Forty Grains of Black Powder, published today. Set in Sonora, Mexico, in the 19th century, it's a story of a son's quest for revenge and freedom. Growing up surrounded by finery and lies, Ramón Cordero discovers a secret that will change his life, and that of generations to come. The book is available at a special introductory price for a limited time.

October 22, 2010


Not only is today Wombat Day, but the Wombies have an interview posted on Catherine Johnson's wonderful Kangaroobee's Blog. Don't forget to have some chocolate cake and talk about wombats to celebrate this special day.

October 13, 2010


The new 2011 Wombat Calendar is now available at the Native Animal Rescue Group website. They don't have an online store this year, but if you email them you can purchase a calendar by Papal for $10 plus postage ($3.00 for Australia, and $8.35 overseas). As always, the money helps with the care of wombats and native animals, and you get 12 great pictures of wombats for your wall.

September 4, 2010


The Wombat Protection Society is holding a Wombat Conference to further knowledge and understanding of wombats, and to develop strategies for their protection and preservation. The conference will be held March 19-21/2011 at the All Seasons Albury Lake Hume Resort, Albury NSW. Jackie French will be giving the opening speech. For more information, see their online flyer.

April 5, 2010


A new comic book, Wombat Rue, has been published by Brady Comics. It's the first issue of a 12-part series, and features a wombat character in a dystopian story about three friends on a quest to rebuild their nation after its collapse. The comic has nice artwork, and is printed on a high quality glossy stock. NEW! Volume 2 of Wombat Rue in now available.

November 19, 2009


Finally some new designs have arrived in the Wombat Shop! A dozen new designs have been selected, including The Department of Wombatology and a Wombat Words text design. So if you're looking for some fun wombat-themed t-shirts or gift items, you now have over 50 unique designs and thousands of different products to choose from, from shirts and hats, to buttons, stickers, mugs and much more. Great for any wombat fan, as a Christmas or birthday gift, or just as a gift for no particular reason at all.

October 16, 2009


The 2010 Wombat Calendar is now available from the NARG (Native Animal Rescue Group) website. They're great for any wombat fan, and all proceeds from the calendars help support the carers who look after injured and orphaned wombats. The calendar contains a dozen full-sized photographs of wombats that were raised and released by their carers. The calendars sold out early last year, so get yours today!

October 1, 2009


Carver, the world's oldest wombat in captivity, and possibly the world's oldest wombat ever, died on October 1st. Carver, a Southern hairy-nosed wombat, was one of the first hairy-nosed wombats to be born in captivity outside of Australia. His mother, Vicky, lived to be 24 years old which made her one of the oldest wombats in captivity. During his long life, Carver fathered nine offspring which is remarkable since wombats do not often breed in captivity. The official story of Carver's passing can be found here.

July 15, 2009


Our good friend RLB Hartmann's story STRONG COFFEE was an Editor's Choice and a Top Ten Finalist in the 2009 competition at Textnovel. The winners were announced October 29, 2009. You can read RLB's other work here.

February 16, 2009


After much procrastination, the Wombania cartoon has finally made it online. The comic strip has been internationally syndicated to newspapers since 2003, and now it'll be posted online three times a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So if you want to see what you've been missing all these years, check out the official Womblog today.

February 10, 2009


The horrific bushfires in Victoria and New South Wales, Australia, have taken a huge toll in human life and property damage, and have had a devastating effect on the native wildlife, including Common Wombats. You can help by donating online to Wildlife Victoria's Urgent Bushfire Appeal. You can also mail in your donations to Help For Wildlife. If you live in or near the areas affected by the bushfires, you can take these steps to help the wild animals.

September 27, 2008


We now have instructions and a pattern to help you make a Wombat Cake. Wombat cakes are a great way to celebrate Wombat Day, or in fact any day of the year. Any day is a better day, when a Wombat Cake is served.

August 28, 2008


Never heard of Squidoo? Well, now you have! It's a site where people build lenses (webpages) about topics they're interested in. The Wombies now have their very own Squidoo page. There's also a new wombat page on Squidoo as well.

August 26, 2008


The Wombies' videos are now available on YouTube. They're a bit old, but it takes a lot of work and Wine Gums (not to mention coercion) to get the gang motivated enough to make a new video.

November 19, 2007


Wombania now has a search function to help you find what you're looking for on our website. This is especially helpful for the Wombat Information Center when you want to quickly locate something. The search box can currently be found on the main Wombania homepage, and on the Wombat Information homepage.

October 18, 2007


The Wombat Protection Society is in the running to receive a $10,000 grant to eradicate mange in wild wombats. Although the voting is now over, you can check the Voiceless website for details about the Wombat Protection Society's proposal to help save the thousands of wombats who are currently suffering and dying from mange.

October 5, 2007


We've added a new page about chocolate which features an essay by Twink about this wonderful food. The page also contains links to chocolate websites and blogs, chocolate museums and parks, and chocolate clothing and gifts.

September 1, 2007


Wombania's Gift Shop has undergone a major expansion with three [now five] entirely new sections, and over 6,000 [now 8,000] new products to choose from. We've added a new line of wombat t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, posters, greeting cards, stickers, and more. Check out the bestselling Team Wombat and Wombat University lines.

We've also greatly expanded our Wombie Shop. Now you can get your favourite Wombie character on a wide selection of merchandise. And just for fun, we have a new Teddy Bear section and a new Chocolate section, too. Thousands of great gift ideas for those hard to buy for people and Wombies on your list.

August 7, 2007


Wombats SA (formerly known as "The Natural History Society of South Australia"), has purchased sections of Portee station in SA for the establishment of an expanded sanctuary protecting the habitat of Southern hairy-nosed wombats. The new reserve, an extension of Moorunde wildlife reserve, extends the area under protection to 69 square kilometers and also completes a corridor of protected areas from Brookfield to Yookamurra. An open day for the public is planned for 2008 which will be the 40th anniversary of Moorunde reserve.

June 6, 2007


Due to continuing problems with our old webhost provider, Wombania has moved to a new hosting company. If you experience any problems or errors, let us know at
If you've emailed us in the last month or so and didn't receive a reply, please contact us again.

March 2007


Chewbacca celebrates his 22nd birthday in Japan. Chewbacca is one of the oldest Common wombats in the world. His 22nd Birthday Page can be seen here.

November 1, 2006


Wombat calendars are again available at the Wombadilliac Shop. The 2007 edition is the second year of the wombat calendar, and features a dozen great new pictures of Common wombats doing wombat things. The sale of calendars help to support the care and rehabilitation of orphaned wombats. So get your calendar today!

October 2006


The second annual Wombat Day will be celebrated October 22, 2006. This is a special day for all wombats, Wombies, and wombat/Wombie lovers everywhere. Wombat Day is a time of fun, but also a time to reflect on how important wombats are to the Australian ecosystem. Have some Wine Gums and chocolate and celebrate Wombat Day on October 22 with the rest of us!

August 26, 2006


Is Pluto no longer an official planet? Does our solar system really have only eight planets, and not nine? Read Binky's opinion on his Pluto for Planethood page.

April 16, 2006


The Wombania website (Wombania's Wombat Information Center) is mentioned in the Autumn 2006 issue of Wildlife Australia Magazine. Wildlife Australia is published by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and profits from the magazine are invested in environmental conservation. You can visit their website at www.wildlife.org.au and help them with their mission of preserving Australian wildlife.

March 18, 2006


The good folks over at Wombadilliac now have Wombat Cards. There are 8 different designs to choose from, all featuring original pictures of orphaned wombats that John and Donna have raised. These 4 by 6 inch cards are blank inside so they're great for any occasion, wombat-related or not. They're available in sets of 8, or as an assortment pack with one card each of the eight designs.

February 5, 2006


A Calvin and Hobbes page has been added to Wombania's Cartoon Corner. Also added is a review of The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book.

January 27, 2006


I Rode with Cullen Baker, a new short novel by Wombania's editor RLB Hartmann, has been published by Catawba River Press. It's the story of a young Southern girl during the American Civil War and how her upper-class life is suddenly and irrevocably changed when the Yankees burn down her house. Orphaned and on the run, she finds herself in the company and care of Cullen Baker, a notorious real-life outlaw. A compelling story of life and love in the lawless Old West. A short pdf preview of I Rode with Cullen Baker can be found here.

January 23, 2006


A new Wombat Books section was added to Wombania which features reviews of wombat books. Currently there are two critiques, but more reviews will be forthcoming.

January 20, 2006


The Wombania website has been redesigned with a new look that's a bit more up-to-date and a better, more comprehensive navigation system. If you encounter any problems, or would like to send us your comments, we'd be happy to hear from you at

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Toucan Island: Unique gifts and apparel for all, featuring t-shirts, mugs, hats, buttons, and more.

Wombat t-shirts, mugs, hats, buttons, stickers, and much more.

The Chocolate Factory: Unique chocolate-themed t-shirts and gift items, including mugs, hats, stickers, buttons, magnets, and more.

Wombat t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, mugs, magnets, and much more.

Stories of old Mexico by RLB Hartmann

Wombania gifts and apparel for Wombie fans of all ages

Toucan Island: Unique gifts and apparel for all, featuring t-shirts, mugs, hats, buttons, and more.

Wombat t-shirts, mugs, hats, buttons, stickers, and much more.

The Chocolate Factory: Unique chocolate-themed t-shirts and gift items, including mugs, hats, stickers, buttons, magnets, and more.

Wombat t-shirts, sweat shirts, hats, mugs, magnets, and much more.

Stories of old Mexico by RLB Hartmann

Wombania gifts and apparel for Wombie fans of all ages