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When you adopt a virtual Wombie, you're not sent a real, physical Wombie. You are sent a picture of your Wombie. This is similar to when you adopt an animal from your local zoo. They don't send you a real lion!

Wombies exist in the imaginations of their owners, and in the collective minds of all the other Wombie adopters and fans. Wombies are not interactive on the computer like Neopets. They are intended for imaginative fun away from the computer. Adopted Wombies are imaginary pets.

All Wombie adoption requests are answered. If you do not hear from us within a couple of days, please contact us again, preferably using a different email address (like a free gmail account). Occasionally your spam filter will delete our reply. AOL accounts often block our reply. Applicants using an AOL account will be asked to reply to our first email so that we know you can receive your Wombies. See also the Problems Page.

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Adopt-A-Wombie Program

Homeless Wombats waiting to be adopted
Lovable Wombies looking for a good home.

Are you Wombieless? Would you like a pair of Wombies for your very own? You may qualify for the Adopt-A-Wombie Program!

Wombies are in limited supply. Act now! Wombies are free to adopt, but their care and feeding is your responsibility.

Adopt-A-Wombie Requirements

You must really, really, really want Wombies.

You must adopt two Wombies as they always travel in pairs. You cannot adopt only one Wombie.

You agree to look after your Wombies and provide for their every need. You must protect them, cherish them, be kind to them, and play silly little games with them.

You agree to keep your Wombies well-supplied with plenty of Wine Gums, SPAM, and chocolate.

You must name them something appropriate. "Hey you!" or "Furface" is not considered appropriate.

You mustn't leave them out in the rain or sun. A soggy or sunburnt Wombie is no fun at all.

You don't actually own your Wombies; you simply learn to live with them.

Wombies are genetically engineered for you and your family. You cannot sell, rent, or give away your Wombies. If you outgrow your Wombies, or if they outgrow you, you have to return them to Wombania.com

Adoption Application

Virtual Wombies are not interactive on the computer like Neopets. They are intended for imaginative fun away from the computer. Adopted Wombies are imaginary pets. When you adopt a Wombie, you're sent a picture of your Wombie, not a real Wombie.

If you'd like to adopt a pair of virtual Wombies, send an email to wombies@wombania.com and tell us why you want or need a pair Wombies for your very own.

Qualifying applicants will be sent an email with a secret link to your adopted Wombies.

If you have a preference, specify what kind of Wombies you'd like: A brother and sister; two girls; two boys; twin girls; twin boys; a girl twin and boy twin; or identical twins (very difficult to tell apart!)

Despite their demure nature, Wombies are quite capable of taking care of themselves if neglected or put in danger. Trying to intentionally harm a Wombie can be quite dangerous.

If under the age of 13, you should first get parental permission before applying. Also if you're under 13, please do not use your full name or address on your application. Don't worry, the Wombies will still be able to find you!

Offer not valid where prohibited, and not prohibited where valid. Restrictions may apply. Some Wombies have been pre-loved. All adopted Wombies remain the property of Wombania. Spreading Wombat joy since 1999. Copyright ©1999 Peter Marinacci. All Rights Reserved.

Updated February 12/19

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