Wombania: Land of the Wombies

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Here There Be Wombies

Wombies, by their very nature, are happy, energetic, and irrepressible. They often get into predicaments, and need constant supervision and guidance. They also need large quantities of chocolate, Spam, and Wine Gums.

Although intelligent, Wombies are childlike and naive and they love to explore and try new things. Which means they're forever discovering new ways to get into trouble.

Because of their unusual origins, the Wombies are able to observe life and its challenges from a unique perspective as they try to adapt to the human world in which they live.

Advantages of Wombies

Wombies have many advantages over normal pets, including:

  • Wombies finally settle the age-old argument of whether cats or dogs make the best pets. The answer is neither. Wombies make the best pets due to their universal appeal and engaging demeanor.
  • Wombies never die. They live forever.
  • Wombies are refreshingly self-sufficient. In fact, they'll probably end up taking care of you.
  • Wombies come ready to use, right out of the pouch.
  • When things go wrong, you can always blame your Wombies.
  • Wombies never need to be walked. They prefer to drive. Your car. Fast.

Disadvantages of Wombies

Despite their good points, Wombies do have some disadvantages:

  • They'll eat all your Wine Gums.
  • They think Spam is one of the four essential food groups.
  • Due to the fact Wombies are natural burrowers, they tend to commandeer your basement. If you don't have a basement, they'll dig one for you. Which may or may not be considered a disadvantage.

For more essential Wombie facts, visit the Biography or FAQ pages.

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