Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Free Wombie Stuff

Free fun stuff for Wombies of all ages.

Adopt-A-Wombie Program

Wombie Adoption Candidates

Want a Wombie? Adopt a pair of virtual Wombies. It's free!

Are You a Wombie?

Wombie IQ Test

Test your WQ (Wombieness Quotient) and find out if you're a Wombie.

Free Wombie Wallpaper

Wombania World Wallpaper

Wombify your world. Two designs to choose from.

Birth Day Calculator

Wombie Birthday Cake

Find out what day of the week you were born on!

Wombania Desktop Icons

Wombie Desktop Icons

Click to download a zip file with 12 icons.

Wombania Link Icons

Wombania Rainbow Link Icon

Link your site to Wombania and live happily ever after.

See also the Club Wombania Page for free games and free Club Wombania Membership.

See the Wombania Videos Page for free Wombie videos.

Wombania merchandise featuring the Wombies, Binky, Winky, Twink, and Fraz