Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Wombat Resources

Listed below are some fun wombat links. For more scientific wombat links, see the Wombat Reference Page.

  • Wombat Protection Society of Australia  A non profit organisation formed to raise money to fund projects that will protect wombats and their habitat. Website includes information about wombats, how to help an injured wombat, and bulletins about the society's progress.
  • Save Our Wonderful Wombats  A website designed to educate everyone about the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat and its threats. Also has activities for kids, and a great resource for teachers.
  • World Wide Wombat Web  One of the best listings of other wombat sites.
  • Baby wombat born in 2017 in the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.
  • Tour of Tasmania Wombats  Brief wombat info, plus a wombat video.

  • Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat  Article from the Australian government.
  • How the Wombat got a Flat Forehead  An aboriginal tale told secondhand, by W. J. Thomas (1923).
  • Wally the Wombat  Page on the Northern hairy nosed wombat.
  • Wombat Articles  from Jackie French, the Australian author.
  • Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat Report  Frenchville State School.
  • Wombats  A personal page by Freida van Staden.
  • The Adventures of Mister Wombat  Interesting site. Mister Wombat claims to be the "world's most travelled wombat" which may be accurate, however Binky has rockets and travels quite a bit, too (though he hasn't yet made it to the moon. Or has he?).

More in-depth wombat links can be found on the Wombat Information Center's Wombat Reference Page.

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