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Planethood for Pluto

Lost in Space
by Binky

Pluto was officially demoted from a full-fledged planet to a "dwarf planet" on Aug 24, 2006. That means Pluto is no longer considered a real planet, and consequently our solar system now has only eight planets.

This is not right! Pluto deserves to be a true and proper planet. It orbits the sun, and has its own orbiting moons, just like any good planet should. Granted Pluto is the smallest planet in our solar system, but someone has to be the smallest. Are the astronomers now going to target Mercury for expulsion? Where will it end?

Just because Pluto sometimes crosses orbit with Neptune, does that make Pluto a non-planet? Wouldn't the same criteria--that Pluto hasn't cleared a path around its orbit--also apply to Neptune, since they both share orbital space? Does this mean that Neptune, too, is also not a planet?

I believe that Pluto should be reinstated as a full planet. If you feel the same, write your local astronomer and demand another vote!

Pluto for Planethood!

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