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Twink (Vombatus Francus Artisticus)

Twink Wombat Portrait
If creativity had a name, it'd be Twink
If creativity had a name, it'd be Twink

Twink is a dreamer and an optimist. With the true soul of an artist, Twink is driven by inspiration and does everything with an artistic flair.

A graduate of Cranberry College of the Arts, Twink is an accomplished gourmet cook and is forever experimenting with elaborate new dishes. Spam, chocolate, and Wine Gums are her preferred ingredients. Her most celebrated specialties include Spudge, Spamcakes, Spamarama, and Wombie Delight.

Twink publishes a magazine, The Wombie Weekly: "Keeping Wombies up-to-date on all that matters," and is currently writing her fifth cookbook, 502 Scrumptious Wine Gum Recipes. She also designs and hand-crafts semiprecious jewelry, and operates Wombania's Gift Shop which features many of her t-shirt and gift designs. Additionally she enjoys painting, sculpture, and photography.

She can be quite competitive, and is compulsive at times, which causes some friction with the rest of the gang. When upset, Twink likes to soak her sorrows in chocolate.

Being the lone female in the household, her maternal instincts help guide young Fraz (and sometimes Winky, too) through the complexities of life.

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    Vital Stats

  • Age: Not telling.
  • Dream: To be a famous artist.
  • Idols: Julia Child, Beryl Markham
  • Hobby: Collecting antique tins.
  • Favorite color: Pink, the color of love.
  • Favorite novel: Anything by Agatha Christie or P.D. James.
  • Happiness is: Cooking
  • Personal motto: Love what you do, do what you love.
  • Inner need: To create.
  • Philosophy of life: Love conquers all.
  • Goal: To make the world a more beautiful place.

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