Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Winky (Vombatus Francus Voracious)

Winky's Portrait
One wacky Wombie
One wacky Wombie

Winky is Binky's younger brother, though you could never tell. They're polar opposites. Physically the strongest Wombie, Winky's emotional state could best be described as fragile. He's neurotic, insecure, irrational, and illogical.

A worrywart and a pessimist, Winky does not welcome change. And since the world thoughtlessly keeps changing on him, Winky does his best to avoid the world. Needless to say, life is a traumatic event for poor Winky.

Too trusting, too gullible, too undiscriminating, he's also somewhat slow and indecisive. Despite all his faults, or perhaps because of them, Winky is often considered the most endearing Wombie.

Winky best relates to Fraz and they're best buds even though Fraz is less than one-third Winky's age. They like to hang out, play practical jokes, and try to decipher the mysteries of the universe together. So far, they think they've figured out the workings of gravity: you drop something, it falls!

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    Vital Stats

  • Age: Three years old
  • Fears: Just about everything.
  • Inner desire: To get married and raise a family.
  • Strengths: Lovable. And can bench press a Hummer.
  • Weakness & passion: Food
  • Hero: Superman
  • Alter ego: Super Stupid
  • Favorite color: Blue. Or red. Or maybe orange. Yellow's nice, too. And so is green...
  • Favorite TV show: Anything that's on.
  • Favorite food: Anything that Twink cooks.
  • Happiness is: A big bag of Wine Gums.
  • Personal motto: Wisdom through stupidity.
  • Philosophy of life: "Make it stop, make it stop!"
  • Favorite saying: Love me, hug me, feed me Wine Gums.
  • Goal: To lose weight.
  • Main conflict with: Himself
  • One word description: Goofy

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