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Binky (Vombatus Francus Rocketus)

Binky's Portrait
Everything you ever wanted in a Wombie. And more
Everything you ever wanted in a Wombie. And more

Binky is a Renaissance Wombie. With four degrees, and an IQ off the scale, Binky's an expert in everything scientific or mechanical. Just don't expect him to explain the irrational actions of humans or Wombies.

Binky holds numerous patents, belongs to Mensa, and has written various technical and scientific papers. He's constantly working on "the next big thing" which, more often than not, has something to do with rockets.

Ever since he was young, Binky's goal in life has never wavered: he aspires to be the first Wombie in space. Despite his repeated failures to launch a successful suborbital rocket, he refuses to give up his dream.

Binky has a penchant for disassembling things to learn how they work. Which isn't one of his most appealing qualities. Neither is his propensity to blow things up. Luckily, by their genetic superiority, Wombies are bulletproof.

Has Binky made it to the moon and Mars? Or is it just a hoax? Check out these Top Secret pictures and decide for yourself!
Binky on the Moon
Binky on Mars

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    Vital Stats

  • Age: Three and a half years old
  • Strengths: Knowledge, logic, reason
  • Weakness: Doesn't know when to quit.
  • Inner need: To discover the truth.
  • Idols: Einstein, Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Spock
  • Greatest failure: Rejection by NASA for their astronaut training program. Reason given: "You're a Wombat!"
  • Favorite TV show: Mythbusters (the rocket episodes) & Star Trek
  • Favorite TV channels: The Discovery Channel, PBS, Animal Planet
  • Favorite music: Vivaldi
  • Passion: Rockets
  • Special credit: To hot-melt glue and duct tape, without which many of Binky's inventions would not have been possible.
  • Favorite sayings: "I can fix that," and "That needs rocket power."
  • One word description: Genius

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