Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Fraz (Vombatus Francus Energeticus)

Fraz's Wombie Portrait
The little Wombie who could
The little Wombie who could

Fraz is adventurous, carefree, careless, and immature. He is, after all, the youngest Wombie, barely into his single digit years.

Energetic and athletic, Fraz has an affinity for extreme sports and taking risks.

Although he can be moody at times, and is a picky eater, he's generally a well-adjusted adolescent Wombie. His allergy to people doesn't bother him too much, while his inquisitiveness and lack of discretion frequently get him into trouble. Especially when scheming with Winky.

Click here to read Fraz's Wine Gum poem

    Vital Stats

  • Age: Not old enough (one year)
  • Strength: Sports
  • Weakness: Non-sports
  • Fears: Nothing. Well, maybe girls.
  • Favorite movie: The last one he saw.
  • Favorite music: Loud
  • Favorite TV shows: Monster Garage, the Crocodile Hunter, and Space Puppies From Mars
  • Favorite video game: Madden NFL 11
  • Favorite novels: The Harry Potter books.
  • Favorite food: Spam pizza
  • Favorite color: Slime Green
  • Happiness is: Hanging out, having fun, being cool.
  • Passion: Extreme sports
  • Goal: To set a world's record.
  • Main conflict with: Adults (except Winky).