Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Super Stupid (Francus Strongus)

Super Stupid's Portrait
Able to perform feats of astounding stupidity
Able to perform feats of astounding stupidity

Super Stupid is Winky's alter-ego, a manifestation of the deep dark workings of Winky's mysterious mind.

Confronted with a world of increasing stupidity, Winky took a heroic stand and fought back. He lost the battle, but from the bitter ashes of defeat, Super Stupid was born.

Super Stupid doesn't try to be stupid, he just naturally is. Like fighting fire with fire, Super Stupid uses his extraordinary powers of stupidity to combat stupidity wherever it is found. And by some inexplicable cosmic coincidence, most of it is found in Winky's own backyard.

Faster than a flying champagne soda can.
More powerful than week-old Spam.
Taller than a mountain of Wine Gums.
It's Super Stupid!

    Vital Stats

  • Goal: To eradicate stupidity (not including himself, of course).
  • Hobby: Attending superhero conventions.
  • Two word description: Stupid squared.

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