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Chewbacca's 24th Birthday

Chewbacca, a 24 year old Common Wombat
Chewbacca in the Tama Zoo, digging on his 20th birthday (picture courtesy of Womland, used with permission)

Chewbacca's 24th Birthday

Chewbacca, a Common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus) that resides in the Tama Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, celebrated his 24th birthday in March, 2009.

Chewbacca was born in Australia in March, 1985. He lived in the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia for a while, then in September 1986, he, along with three other wombats, were moved to the Japanese zoo. Chewbacca is the last surviving wombat.

Another Common wombat, Hiroki, who lives in the Kanazawa Zoological Garden of Yokohama, Japan, was born in October 1985 and is therefore almost as old as Chewbacca.

As far as most wombats go, Chewbacca is a senior citizen, although he's in good health and is still quite active. He's probably one of the oldest living common wombats in captivity. The Wombies, and everyone here at Wombania, wish Chewbacca a very happy birthday and continued good health.

To learn more about Australian wombats, visit the Wombat Information Center.

To see more of Chewbacca, visit him at Womland in Japan.

Chewbacca's 24th Birthday

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