Wombania: Land of the Wombies


Buffy & Fang Cruising the Arizona Desert
The wandering Wombie
The wandering Wombie

Buffy is a stealth Wombie and always dresses in black. The wildest of the Wombies, Buffy is elusive and possibly dangerous.

She was last seen cruising the desert highways of Arizona in her modified Hummer. She's usually accompanied by her elusive boyfriend Fang.

The Others

Classified Wombats Photo
More fun than a barrel of Wombies
More fun than a barrel of Wombies

When the colony of 27 Wombies fled Dr. Franco's lab, they embarked on a quest to find their roots. Although their wombat heritage is well-known, much of their genetic origin and early history remains shrouded in mystery.

The Wombies experienced innumerable adventures on their journey, and many of them settled in various communities throughout the world. Among these international Wombies are Skippy & Jiff, Bana & Nana, Bonkers, Chopper, Misty, Spike, Tyke, and Cracker, to name just a few. But that's another story...

by Peter Marinacci