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Wine gums

Wine Gum Links

A collection of interesting online Wine Gum links and resources.

  1. The Wine Gum Page. Various Wombie essays on the delectable Wine Gum.
  2. Wine Gum Flavor Debate. What are the flavors of Wine Gums? We have our opinions; see if you agree. If not, let us know.

  3. Wine Gum article on Wikipedia.
  4. Make your own Wine Gums! (The original link at Pingvin doesn't work, but a cached copy is available on the Web Archive.)
  5. Another detailed Wine Gum recipe.
  6. For a Wine Gum Cookie recipe, see the Recipe Cottage website.
  7. One story of the Origin of Wine Gums.
  8. Geometry with Wine Gums. Binky swears he had nothing to do with this page.
  9. Wine Gum selection problem and a discussion of its solution.
  10. Another Wine Gum mathematics puzzle (scroll down to number 3) and its solution from the Hamilton Institute.
  11. What Are Wine Gums? article on the Picture Britain website.
  12. Read 17 reviews of Maynards Wine Gums on the Ciao website.
  13. Maynards Wine Gums review.
  14. Wine Gums on the Candy Blog.
  15. Picture of a Wine Gum chandelier.

Wine Gum Manufacturers

  1. Waterbridge (Canada)
  2. Maynards (Canada & UK)
  3. The Allan Candy Company (Canada)
  4. Haribo (Britain)
  5. Lion brand (Britain)

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