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Have You Seen Binky?

Lost? Kidnapped? Abducted by aliens? No one at Wombania knows what happened to Binky. Although he's a smart Wombie and can usually take care of himself, we're still worried about his recent disappearance. The following article appeared in the local paper a couple of weeks ago.

Wombie Missing

The Wombie Weekly

(WP) Binky, the rocket-loving Wombie who lives in Forestdale with Chris Land and the rest of the Wombie gang, hasn't been seen or heard from in over 18 days.

He was last seen on the morning of the 13th, piloting his experimental WX-6 rocket into the stratosphere. According to Chris, "It was a picture-perfect launch. The rocket blasted off without a hitch. Although it did singe my rhododendrons."

Numerous things could have gone wrong, but no one really knows for certain what happened due to the fact there's been no radio contact with the Wombie astronaut (Wombanaut) since liftoff.

There has been some speculation that Binky, being rather short and fuzzy, and wearing a full space suit at the time, might have been misidentified as an alien invader and captured by a nefarious government agency.

All nefarious government agencies contacted by this newspaper denied any involvement, however.

"He was supposed to return that evening," a distraught Twink said. "I waited up all night for him!"

Binky, who has been known to go off on extended scientific expeditions without informing anyone, has never been missing this long before.

Winky refused to speculate on what may have happened to his brother, although he did remark "I sure hope he packed enough Wine Gums."

Anyone with information about Binky or his rocket should contact police headquarters, or leave a message at Wombania.com

A reward of five pounds of chocolate-covered SpamĀ® will be paid to anyone who provides information leading to Binky's safe return.

If you'd like to help in the search for Binky, save the poster below to your computer (right-click the image for Windows users, command-click for Mac users) and print it out. Post it on your door, your car, or around your neighborhood.

A better quality PDF version of the Missing Binky Poster (188K) is available here.

Missing Binky Poster: Have You Seen This Wombie?

If you think you've spotted Binky or his rocket, or have any clues as to his whereabouts, email us at

Binky sightings have been reported from North Carolina, Ontario, the Netherlands, California, and Australia.

NEWS FLASH! Binky Has Returned!

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