Wombania: Land of the Wombies

Wombat Brownies

If you prefer brownies rather than cake, you could make a Wombat Brownie for Wombat Day instead of the more traditional Wombat Cake. You can use any standard brownie recipe, either from scratch or a mix. You should use a rectangular pan instead of a square one, however, since it will be much closer to the shape of our wombat pattern and there will be less waste and/or piecing together.

Wombat Brownie
Wombat Brownie with M&Ms for decoration

How to Make Wombat Brownies

  1. Make your brownie following your recipe's instructions. Use a rectangular pan to bake it if you can.
  2. Make sure the brownie is cooled thoroughly. Remove from the pan onto a cutting board or cake board.

  3. Download and print out the Wombat Fudge Pattern. It's smaller than the Wombat Cake Pattern which is on two pages (Page One and Page Two). The wombat cake pattern may be more suitable if you're using a large pan.
  4. Depending on the size of your pan, and the pattern you use, you may have to increase or decrease the size of the pattern to fit your pan size. You can usually do this in your printer's control panel.
  5. Wombat Brownie cut out and pieced together
    Wombat Brownie cut out using the paper Wombat Fudge pattern
  6. Cut out the wombat pattern from the paper and set it on top of your brownie. Carefully cut the brownie using the pattern as a guide. If your pattern is slightly larger than the brownie, you can use the cut off pieces to complete the shape.
  7. Frost the brownie with whatever type of frosting you prefer.
  8. Wombat Brownie frosted
    Wombat brownie frosted with chocolate icing
  9. You can leave the wombat brownie plain, or you can add decorations to the frosting like nuts, candies, or anything you like.
  10. Wombat Brownie decorated with chocolate M&Ms
    Chocolate M&Ms were added as an outline for decoration
  11. Serve and enjoy! And remember to have a happy Wombat Day!
  12. You may also want to make a Wombat Cake or Wombat Fudge to compliment your Wombat Brownies.

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