Wombania comic strip Kite Tails

Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat Pictures

Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized pictures (approximately 20K bytes each). Pictures are courtesy of Wendy Morphett, copyright ©2001-2002, used with permission.

For photographs of Bare-nosed or Common wombats, see the Bare-nosed wombat gallery.

Hairy nosed wombat picture Hairy nosed wombat profile Southern hairy-nosed wombat pic Southern hairy-nosed wombat's head Immature hairy nosed wombat Southern hairy nosed wombat photo Hairy-nosed wombat in person's lap Digging with a wombat Southern hairy nosed wombat sitting Baby hairy nosed wombat sleeping Wombat eating Hairy nosed wombat with blanket Southern hairy nosed wombat photograph Orphaned wombat joey Southern hairy-nosed wombat Sleeping Hairy-nosed wombat Wombat sleeping Southern Hairy nosed wombat burrows Hairy nosed wombat and a bearded dragon lizard Wombat on the beach picture

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