Wombania comic strip Horse Sense

Bare-nosed or Common Wombat Pictures

Click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized pictures. Pictures are copyright ©2001-2004 Womland, used with permission. Full-sized pics are 8-15k bytes each.

For photographs of Hairy nosed wombats, see the Hairy nosed wombat gallery.

Common wombat picture Bare-nosed wombat and its burrow Bare-nosed wombat pic Common wombat photograph Bare-nosed wombat head and torso Bare-nosed wombat photo Bare-nosed wombat profile Wombat diet Bare-nosed wombat's size compared to a person Bare-nosed wombat walking Captive wombat picture Wombats feeding together Wombat's burrows on a hill Common wombat emerging from its burrow Wombat digging picture Bare-nosed wombat feeding Wombat eating grass Wombat basking in the sun Inquisitive Bare-nosed wombat peeking through a fence Wombat play

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