Wombania: Land of the Wombies

How To Draw A Wombie Part One

Drawing a Wombie is simple. Get your Wombie to pose for you, and then draw him (or her)! If you don't have a Wombie of your own, just follow the easy instructions below.



Use ovals to draw in the basic shape of the body and head.

How to Draw a Wombie Sketch A


Add circles for shoulders and long ovals for arms. Add short ovals for legs.

How to Draw a Wombie Sketch B


Add in the basic shape of the hands and feet. Draw the fingers and toes.

How to Draw a Wombie Sketch C


Refine the shape of the head. Add detail, the eyes, nose, mouth, teeth. Sketch in ears. Add claws.

How to Draw a Wombie Sketch D
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by Peter Marinacci

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